Monday, February 9, 2009

Crime & Punishment

Americans are scared and angry, the violent crimes has made some afraid to walk the streets in front of their own home. We Americans have had enough, we want to know why criminals were let back out on the streets, so they could kill again.

Crime is becoming part of everyday life, we see it on TV and read about it in our newspapers. Big city crimes happen every minute of the day, compared to small towns and cities. There is more and more of this violent crime seeping into the smaller cities., in our town we are now looking at killing and robbery at a jewelery store, the owner and an innocent customer, these people were just going about their business and pow, they are shot in the head.

The victims of crimes, suffer emotionally financially and sometimes physically. There is not enough being done to prevent crime, especially hate crimes, these are committed against certain people or groups, just because what they are doing is not acceptable. Gangs play a big part in street crimes, the dope peddlers that pray upon children and adults are out there also.

Criminals are being slapped on the wrist, they either get off scott free or receive light prison terms, and sometimes probation. This all to often is due to not enough evidence or the evidence was not handled properly. I have seen and read in our newspaper where a criminal has raped, tortured and then killed a person, only get a light senrence, come on, he not only raped her but tortured her and the final act of killing, there has to be a change in our laws.

Here is a true story, in Detroit, Michigan=Wayne County Jail, inmates were freed early, due to overcrowding. They did not release a few hundred but a few thousands felons, and get this with little or no supervision, which ment the court had only their word they would show up for court, with no one looking over their shoulders they vanished.

Today we as human beings are really discusted with our legal system, too many people that beat, rape and as if this is not enough they murder their victims. I feel so sad everytime I read or see this on TV, the criminal receives only jail time. What does the criminal get as a reward, clean clothes, three meals a day, if they want to start a hobby or further their education, oh yea I forgot this one, help mentally for doing what they did, and they can have visitors. The reward for the victim is death, a nice grave marker and a family that will miss them everyday of their lives and yes, the victim may have visitors also, at the cemetery.


  1. I so agreed with you. It seems more like they are rewarded for doing such horrible things. And they keep doing it, because they know nothing is going to happen to them. I've said all along if they carried out capital punishment I still say that would cause some of these criminals to stop and think. And they can't be using their terrible childhood, or the fact they were on drugs or had been drinking, they chose to do that and most everyone didn't have a perfect childhood. Why should tax payers have to provide food, clothing, a warm place for them to stay, and health benefits when a lot of people walking the streets trying to do what's right don't have the same privileges. But what really, really upsets me is the parents of small children or babies, that cause their death by shaking them or throwing them against a wall, or as one did here in a larger city close by, she put her baby in a microwave. They only get a few months in jail and sometimes not that if their lawyer says they are mentally unbalanced. Then I say the mentally unbalanced should be locked away. Keep the really, really bad ones locked up, if they commit a murder, then they should be put to death. Now I'm not talking about someone defending their family or home, from some nut trying to break in and has a gun, if the person trying to break in gets shot, that's too bad, they shouldn't have been there to begin with. I certainly don't have a solution. But I think a lot of this has all come about because parents are afraid to discipline their kids, schools are afraid to touch them for fear they will get sued. So what is the solution? They have to make tougher laws and go by them. I'm sorry, but when I get started on this, it makes me so mad. When I read or hear someone either gets off, because there's lack of evidence or it wasn't handled correctly, and everyone knows the person is guilty. Signing off, have a good evening.

  2. Great post, Margaret, and I certainly agree with all your points. I do believe hardened criminals who commit rape and murder should never be allowed out among society ever again! In fact, the death penalty should be mandatory for those kind of criminals, without exception.

    Of course, crime and punishment is a complicated issue, and there is so much involved with it. The solutions are complicated as well. Unfortunately, the victims are the losers every time.

    As I said, great post. Makes one really think.

    Have a great week.


  3. What a great post Margaret! I so agree with you and wish the would wasn't like this but it is. It seems like the 'bad guys' have all of the rights and the poor person that had the crime commited against them loses out. Those that rape and kill should never be allowed out of jail ever again. Period. No second chances.

    I found some pictures today of my ferrets that I had about 15 years ago. I will put them in my next post. I still miss them. Tinkerbell, Pixie and Melvin, they were such great pets.

  4. Very thoughtful post Margaret...well said..

  5. You have been married for quite a long time; it just one year yet for me and my wife :) May GOD bless you and keep you together for many more years to come :)

  6. Dear Margaret, very good post.

    My husband and I will be married for 47 years March 18th. We still love each other more each day and are very thankful for the years the Lord has given to us to be together.

    Hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day. connie

  7. We do so agree with you, even though I am a kitty! Thankyou for coming by and leaving kind words during our time of sadness.

  8. Unfortunatley, crimes will become more frequent and likely more violent as our economy get worse. Times are very scarey.

  9. Thank all you for coming by and commenting.