Monday, February 2, 2009

The Blog Sites

I became interested in blogging almost a year ago, I like to go to as many posts as I can, as of today I have over 150 sites I visit. Everyone is so interesting, their views, ideas, recipes, trips, pictures and most of all I love to hear about their families, so many, many things to keep you interested in, I also like the animal posts, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, goats and etc..

I especially like to hear about the family and the pictures they post. I like to hear from them also and I do. Today when we hear the family values are going down hill, they should come to the blogging site and see how it is still alive and kicking.

I also like the awards given to all the blog friends, they are great and quite a variety of them. The bloggers that post cards, garage sale and vintage items, some posts just have what they are interested in. Some of the sites are done so beautiful, you can tell who is more creative, my site is due to the work of my son and I am sure some of you have had help also.

I just had to post about you blogger friends, thanks for coming to my posts and leaving a comment. If I need to have a smile for the day I go to Merle's post, if you don't smile before you visit it, you will while reading it. I can't put into words how I appreciate all of you and hope blogging last for years to come.


  1. Happy 1 year anniversary for blogging! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your compliments.

    I agree that some family values are disappearing in the world today and it's nice to find it in blogs.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. WOW! It is great that you have so many blogs to visit. You are a busy gal!
    you are right~There are so many wonderful bloggers out there to visit.
    Take care and congrats on TWO blogs:-)

  3. Yes, I to enjoy visiting so many different blogs. I also find Merle to be a funny person and she sometimes post about her family and friends. A lot of interesting blogs out there, including yours. I love the stories you have been posting about your childhood and growing up years..

  4. I agree. Blogging is so much fun! I feel like I've made many new friends in blogland, including you, Dear Margaret!

    Blogging brings us all a bit closer together.

  5. An early Happy Anniversary. It's amazing to me that people can become friends via the internet and I have been happy to get to know you Margaret...Michelle

  6. I think there are lots of good ,decent people on this planet!!!!! Many of them blog :)
    Sadly,the dysfunctional ones make the news.
    We know better!!!!!!!!The really great thing is we meet new people(and animals) every day and we are friendly to people we have never met!!! Why can't everyone be like that?
    Have a great day :)

  7. Well done. I have to say I have not come across (as yet) such a dedicated blogger / commenter as you.Thank you for popping over to my blog and saying hello.

    I need to have a little check - but I'm pretty sure I popped into your blog a little while ago and you had over 100 comments. That blew me away! That's a lot of bloggy friends.

    Take care now.

  8. Dear Margaret,
    I could not have said it any better.
    this is my first time to read this blog and I have been missing remind me of my daddy...he is a wealth of information also..
    I only have 70 blogs that I faithfully visit and I try to visit 3 new ones and always...always the ones that need prayer...have requested prayer, I mean to say.

  9. Thank you for coming by, I love blogging.

  10. Hello Ms. Margaret, coming by to say Hi!

  11. I trully appreciate your friendship.

  12. Hello, Margaret,
    I just found this blog of yours, I too, love blogging, but limit the ones I read, it is very time consuming, but love it anyway. I am enjoying your other blog about your life and family.

    Thank you for your visits to my blogs, I am not as creative as you and the many other bloggers, I started my blogs just for my own entertainment, and next thing I knew other people were reading them also.

    Thanks for being a bloggin' buddy.

  13. We think it is amazing that you got into blogging. Our grandma doesn't even know how to switch on a computer, let alone what a blog even is. It is lovely that you enjoy it so much! We are happy to have you as a reader. You are cool!

  14. I'm with you all the way, Margaret. Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment. I LOVE blogging but I sometimes have a terrible time keeping up because we're working on renovating our house. Still, I cannot do without my blogging friends. You really do have a gorgeous, creative blog site.

  15. I love blogging! It just opened up an whole new world for me. I quit work last April and have more time on my hands than I ever did.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!