Friday, February 27, 2009

Obesity & Our Children

parents now a days are both working, the kids are either latch key, or they are with sitters. Some schools have programs that the kids can stay until one of the parents show up for them. A mother working full time and also juggling the household, finds this very tiring and stressful, they may try to make amends to their kid's because they are away working most of the time. They indulge them the wrong way, either with the wrong foods or buying them gift's. This post is about our children being obese, this is happening at an alarming rate.

There are a large percent of grown people overweight, and this is becoming a big problem with their health also. I am concentrating on our children, we love them and want to see them live healthy, productive lives. If you have ever gone to a grade school or high school, you will see how alarming this problem is. Some schools are trying to address this problem by setting up certain exercising programs, I have read about this and some people think the programs are not adequate. Many children can not handle a divorce, they may turn to many outlets to compensate, such as over eating, drugs or choosing the wrong friends. After all they are just children and trying to cope with life, God Bless them.

Some of the things that make our kids over weight is wrong kind of snacks, this is a big factor. Other things are TV, Video games, computers and cell phones, almost every child I see has a cell phone attached to their ears.All these activities encourage snacking while doing them, and they choose quick snacks, they don't have to mess around making, such as chips, cookies sodas and so on. Schools don't help, by placing vending machines that have snacks and pop in them.

Lets face it our children are becoming couch potatoes, sitting way too much, parents can help by addressing this issue with healthier snacks. They can make a change by having in the house fresh veggies, low carb dip, fresh fruit, diet pop and low calories snacks. I know even the grown ups cringe at anything diet, but some of them are very tasty, you know the saying "try em, you might like em", well something like that. The parents can have set times for TV, video games and cell phone, especially when the kids have homework.

If this is archived, children will loose weight, start having more self confidence in how they look, be healthier and more active. Here is ways parents can help the kids get active, give them household chores, such as making beds, dusting, taking out the trash, cleaning their rooms, sweep or mop. Just put on your thinking cap, you are getting them involved and this is promoting exercise, the kids won't know your goals, they will think you are being mean.

They need to be out of doors, have them mowing the lawn, weeding, raking leaves or helping to clean out the garage and in the winter shoveling snow, cleaning off the car and making sure paths are cleared to the trash or the bird feeders. Down deep kids like to help out, they just need us to motivate them. Other ways for more exercise is the whole family get involved by bike rides, picnics, swimming at the beach or in a pool. The new video game Wii is a very good way to exercise your whole body, you have to be moving to play it.

Children of all ages need guidance, whether it's doing chores, helping outside or being involved in family fun. Children need to stay healthy , not become sluggish and become overweight. In the United States at least one child in five is overweight and this continues to grow, this is astonishing, we as parents need to wake up to these statics and help our overweight children. A doctor determines if a child is overweight by measuring their height and weight, if you think your kids are overweight talk to their doctor.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crime & Punishment

Americans are scared and angry, the violent crimes has made some afraid to walk the streets in front of their own home. We Americans have had enough, we want to know why criminals were let back out on the streets, so they could kill again.

Crime is becoming part of everyday life, we see it on TV and read about it in our newspapers. Big city crimes happen every minute of the day, compared to small towns and cities. There is more and more of this violent crime seeping into the smaller cities., in our town we are now looking at killing and robbery at a jewelery store, the owner and an innocent customer, these people were just going about their business and pow, they are shot in the head.

The victims of crimes, suffer emotionally financially and sometimes physically. There is not enough being done to prevent crime, especially hate crimes, these are committed against certain people or groups, just because what they are doing is not acceptable. Gangs play a big part in street crimes, the dope peddlers that pray upon children and adults are out there also.

Criminals are being slapped on the wrist, they either get off scott free or receive light prison terms, and sometimes probation. This all to often is due to not enough evidence or the evidence was not handled properly. I have seen and read in our newspaper where a criminal has raped, tortured and then killed a person, only get a light senrence, come on, he not only raped her but tortured her and the final act of killing, there has to be a change in our laws.

Here is a true story, in Detroit, Michigan=Wayne County Jail, inmates were freed early, due to overcrowding. They did not release a few hundred but a few thousands felons, and get this with little or no supervision, which ment the court had only their word they would show up for court, with no one looking over their shoulders they vanished.

Today we as human beings are really discusted with our legal system, too many people that beat, rape and as if this is not enough they murder their victims. I feel so sad everytime I read or see this on TV, the criminal receives only jail time. What does the criminal get as a reward, clean clothes, three meals a day, if they want to start a hobby or further their education, oh yea I forgot this one, help mentally for doing what they did, and they can have visitors. The reward for the victim is death, a nice grave marker and a family that will miss them everyday of their lives and yes, the victim may have visitors also, at the cemetery.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Blog Sites

I became interested in blogging almost a year ago, I like to go to as many posts as I can, as of today I have over 150 sites I visit. Everyone is so interesting, their views, ideas, recipes, trips, pictures and most of all I love to hear about their families, so many, many things to keep you interested in, I also like the animal posts, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, goats and etc..

I especially like to hear about the family and the pictures they post. I like to hear from them also and I do. Today when we hear the family values are going down hill, they should come to the blogging site and see how it is still alive and kicking.

I also like the awards given to all the blog friends, they are great and quite a variety of them. The bloggers that post cards, garage sale and vintage items, some posts just have what they are interested in. Some of the sites are done so beautiful, you can tell who is more creative, my site is due to the work of my son and I am sure some of you have had help also.

I just had to post about you blogger friends, thanks for coming to my posts and leaving a comment. If I need to have a smile for the day I go to Merle's post, if you don't smile before you visit it, you will while reading it. I can't put into words how I appreciate all of you and hope blogging last for years to come.